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Gujarat / Ahmedabad: The groom arrived with a procession in JCB, onlookers were stunned

Generally people use luxury car, mare or buggy for marriage procession, but now a new trend has started to bring procession on JCB for marriage. One such case has come to the fore from Navsari in Gujarat. Here the groom arrived in a JCB with a procession. When he reached the wedding venue, the people of the bride’s side were also surprised to see this sight. Groom’s name is Keyur Patel. He said- Everyone brings a car… I wanted to do something different, so I brought JCB. Keyur told that he took this idea after watching a video of a Punjab wedding on YouTube. This groom of Ghodia Patel society was married according to the tribal tradition.

Sofa installed to sit in JCB

This video of Chikhali village of Navsari district is going viral on social media. It is seen in the video clip that the JCB was decorated with flowers. Even a sofa was installed in it for the groom to sit. Apart from this, the JCB was also decorated with colorful mandap cloth in the vobox. During this time the people of the village gathered to see this unique procession. There was great eagerness among the people to see the bridegroom. Some made a video of it and some took a selfie with the groom sitting on the JCB. Meanwhile, the procession reached the bride’s house dancing and singing on the drums.

JCB book for Baraat for the first time in Navsari

According to information, this has happened for the first time in Navsari, when JCB has been booked for a wedding procession. However, earlier such unique processions have been seen in other cities of the country as well. A few months ago, a similar case had come to light from Betul in MP, when a groom himself reached the bride’s house with a procession sitting on a JCB. Also danced on JCB with my friends. Ankush Jaiswal, a civil engineer working in Tata Consultancy in Rajgarh, was married to Swati, daughter of Padhar resident Sanjay Malviya.