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Preparation to promote Kerala Ayurveda in Uttarakhand, Panchkarma centers to open in Rishikesh-Dehradun – Chief Secretary Dr. SS Sandhu

Chief Secretary Dr. SS Sandhu held a meeting of the AYUSH department at the secretariat. In the meeting, the Chief Secretary said that there is a need to promote Kerala Ayurveda in Uttarakhand. 100 percent staff including doctors of the state should be trained. Doctors need to be sent to higher level institutions for training. Seminars will also be organized for this. The CS said that Ayurvedic institutions and Ayurvedic doctors will be given whatever assistance they require from the state. Along with this, he said that world-class Panchkarma centers should be set up in Rishikesh and Dehradun in the state.

The Chief Secretary said that despite the high level of Ayurvedic method, it is not widely used due to lack of evidence. For this, there is a need to work towards research and documentation. Encouragement should be given to promote research. Due to lack of information and platform, no one is aware of the work done in this direction. He instructed to run an e-magazine for this.

He said that research etc. should be published in this for everyone. So that everyone can be informed about the work being done in this direction. Research e-magazines, TV channels and radio channels can also be operated for information to the general public. The Chief Secretary instructed the AYUSH department to upgrade its website as well. He said that along with diseases and their treatment, information about the facilities related to them should be made available in the state on their website.

He talked about including the causes and treatment of diseases like hypertension, diabetes. The Chief Secretary also talked about developing a system to stop fake doctors and institutions playing with the health of the people in this area. He said that in order to maintain quality, there is a need to work on recognition as well as registration of institutions.