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Uttar Pradesh / Kasganj: The husband was troubled by the behavior of the wife, took his life along with his companions, gave a painful death

Police has made a sensational disclosure in the murder of a woman who was beheaded last 1 year ago in Kasganj, UP. Suspecting the behavior of the wife, the husband along with his associates had committed the murder. The police have arrested the murderer husband and two accomplices. According to Kasganj SP Saurabh Dixit, on March 22, 2022, a beheaded body of a woman was found in the field of a person named Januddin in Hasanpur village of Soron police station area. Sweater and saree were recovered from the dead body. In this regard, a case was registered at Soron police station, since then the police was engaged in revealing the identity of the woman and the incident of murder. Meanwhile, the police got a video of the sweater and saree worn by the deceased before the incident. At the same time, sweater and saree were recovered from near the dead body. When the video was examined, the body of the unknown deceased was identified as that of Shivani’s wife Pappu Pandit.
After this, on the basis of the evidence found in the investigation of the incident, the police arrested Shivani’s husband Pappu Pandit, his accomplice Kanhaiya, Bambaiya alias Ganga Dayal. When the arrested accused were interrogated, the whole story came to the fore.

Shivani’s husband Pappu Pandit told that about four-five years ago, nephew Gaurav Upadhyay had found a Kolkata-based woman Shivani at Aligarh railway station who was asking to marry Gaurav. This was told to me by Gaurav. I was not married, so I told Gaurav that I will keep Shivani. Shivani came to me about 4 years ago and was living with me in the village.

According to Pappu, his wife was very fickle. Sometimes she used to go here and there for a day or two. When I asked and refused to go anywhere, she threatened to report me to the police. She didn’t listen to me. I was very disturbed by his antics. For this reason, along with Bambaiya alias Ganga Dayal, Kanhaiyalal, I severed Shivani’s neck with a shovel. After this, keeping the severed neck in a saree, it was buried in a field near Hasanpur village. We came near Shivani’s body and were trying to bury it in the pit when we heard the sound of some people coming and we ran towards our house in fear. Brought the shovel and shoes home which were recovered by the police. Partner Pramod had taken 25 thousand rupees for this work.

Kasganj SP Saurabh Dixit told that Pappu Pandit was suspicious of his wife’s behavior due to which he killed his wife. Many cases are registered against the arrested accused Bambaiya and Kanhaiya in many police stations. At present, action is being taken to send all the three arrested accused to jail.