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Uttarakhand : Property worth ₹ 2.82 crore of Pulkit Arya, the main accused in the Ankita Bhandari murder case, will be confiscated

The police is going to take another major action against Pulkit Arya, the main accused in the famous Ankita Bhandari murder case of Uttarakhand. The police is now going to attach Pulkit Arya’s property worth Rs 2.82 crore. This property of Pulkit Arya is in Pauri and Haridwar districts. The police told that the property which the police is going to attach was acquired illegally. According to Pauri SSP Shweta Choubey, the police had also investigated the illegal assets of Pulkit Arya during the investigation. During this, it came to light that in Haridwar and Pauri district, Pulkit Arya has illegally acquired property worth about Rs 2.82 crore (total 2 crore 82 lakh 83 thousand 615), whose report has been sent to the district magistrates of Pauri and Haridwar.

According to SSP Shweta Choubey, investigation revealed that Pulkit Arya, a resident of Aryanagar in Jwalapur Kotwali area of Haridwar district, along with his gang members Saurabh Bhaskar and Ankit Gupta, has been involved in anti-social activities. Gang leader Pulkit Arya, along with the members, has illegally raised money and property.

Illegal property of Pulkit Arya

Pulkit Arya acquired illegal land worth ₹ 32 lakh in Bishanpur Jharda Ahtmal, ₹ 47 lakh 94 thousand 615 in Sajanpur Peeli and ₹ 61 lakh 98 thousand 400 in Gyan Lok Colony Sheikhpura Kankhal. Not only this, Pulkit Arya has illegally bought an Audi car worth ₹40 lakh as well as a Tata Safari worth ₹14 lakh.

The SSP told that Pulkit Arya has collected illegal assets worth Rs 1 crore 75 lakh 95 thousand 615 in Haridwar district itself. The report has been sent to DM Haridwar to attach it. On the other hand, in Pauri district also there is Vanantra Resort worth Rs 1 crore 6 lakh 88 thousand in Gangabhogpur encroaching on government (forest land) illegally. A report has been sent to DM Pauri to attach it as well.

Pulkit is the main accused

Please tell that Pulkit Arya is the main accused in the famous Ankita Bhandari murder case of Uttarakhand. Pulkit Arya’s father Vinod Arya has been a big leader of BJP. After this scandal, BJP expelled him from the party. Pulkit Arya had a resort named Vanantra in Yamkeshwar block area of Pauri district, where 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari was the receptionist. It is alleged that Pulkit Arya had pressurized Ankita Bhandari to misbehave with the VIP guest coming to the resort, for which Ankita Bhandari flatly refused. There was also a debate between Ankita Bhandari and Pulkit Arya regarding this matter.

It is alleged that after the argument, Pulkit Arya along with two employees of his resort took Ankita Bhandari towards Rishikesh on the night of the incident, where he again put pressure on Ankita Bhandari. Here again Ankita Bhandari and Pulkit had a fight.

It is alleged that Ankita Bhandari had made up her mind to leave the job because of this reason. In such a situation, Pulkit was afraid that Ankita Bhandari would expose him after leaving the job, so during the argument, Pulkit pushed Ankita into the Chilla canal, where Ankita died due to drowning in the canal. Ankita’s body was found about five days after the incident. For five days, the accused misled Ankita’s family and the police. Right now all the three accused are lodged in jail. The police claim that they have strong evidence to get the accused punished in this case.