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Gujarat / Nadiad: used to call again and again for loan, two youths beat up employee, reported reports

A strange incident has come to light in Nadiad, Gujarat. Here two youths who came to the branch of Bank of India have assaulted an employee. The entire incident has been recorded in the CCTV camera installed in the bank. On the basis of CCTV footage, the police have registered a case against both the youths and arrested them. During the police interrogation, the accused said that the bankers were calling so much that they were upset. Therefore, this incident has been carried out to teach them a lesson.

CCTV footage surfaced

In a complaint to the police, the victim banker Manish Dhangar said that he is posted in the Nadiad-Kapadwanj branch of Bank of India and is handling the loan desk here. He said that on Friday afternoon, a young man named Samarth Brahmabhatta came to the branch and reached him directly and started fighting. In this way, a young man named Partha, who came with this young man, also kicked him on him. The police started checking CCTV footage by registering a case on Manish’s complaint. The police arrested them after the accused were identified in the video.

The young man gave the reason for the assault

Banker Manish Dhangar said that the accused were being called from the bank. They were constantly being asked to submit a copy of the House Insurance Policy, but the accused were not submitting it, but were threatening the bank personnel inverted. On the other hand, the accused said that he had taken a home loan from the bank. During the audit, it was found that he had not submitted his home insurance policy. He told that the bankers were calling so much that he got upset. He has carried out this incident to teach the bankers a lesson.

Flood of response on social media

Some have put CCTV footage of the incident on social media. There is now a flood of response to this footage. Most users have justified the incident. It is said that the bankers sometimes call for a loan and sometimes for credit card that even the normal person has started having irritation. At the same time, many people have advised not to take the law in hand. At present, the police have registered a criminal case in this case. The police is investigating the matter