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Congress ruckus in Uttarakhand over Adani case, protest in front of SBI-LIC offices

After the Hindenburg report, the opposition is constantly attacking the central government. The Congress alleges that the Modi government has forced other public sector banks including SBI and LIC to invest in its industrialist friend Adani Group. Due to which today the Congress tried to surround the central government from Parliament to the road. In Uttarakhand too, Congress leaders and workers staged a vigorous protest outside the LIC-SBI office. In Dehradun, under the leadership of Congress state president Karan Mahara, a fierce demonstration was held at the main branch of SBI located on Convent Road. During this, there was a scuffle between the Congressmen and the police. Not only this, the Congress leaders climbed the main gate of the SBI office and raised slogans against the Modi government. Karan Mahara says that the Modi government is benefiting the Adani group. If the government is right, then why is it refraining from probing the entire matter? He said that the previous governments had given protection to the companies so that the company could move forward, but in the Modi government, some capitalists have been allowed to loot the country, which has been exposed.

Karan Mahara said that despite the refusal of the director of LIC, the equity and shares of LIC were handed over to Adani. Apart from this, the loan was given to the Adani group keeping the rules from SBI in check. He alleged that the Modi government handed over huge assets of the country to the Adani group at throwaway prices. Now when it has been found in the investigation that all this has happened wrongly, since then the shares are continuously falling. People are also fearing that the savings they have invested throughout their life in SBI and LIC may get drowned.

Strong demonstration of Congressmen outside LIC office in Haldwani

Congress workers shouted slogans at the Life Insurance Corporation of India office in Haldwani. Congressmen say that the central government is continuously trying to hand over the public sector assets in private hands. The central government is kind to some private groups, while on the other hand the general public is suffering from inflation and unemployment. Therefore, following the orders of the Congress high command, protests are being held across the country.

Congressman said in Haridwar – learn from Modi and Adani how the country is drowned

Share prices of Adani Group have declined following several allegations including manipulation. At the same time, now on the pretext of Adani group, Congress is working to encircle the Modi government. In Haridwar too, Congressmen protested outside LIC. He says that today the country’s economy has completely collapsed. Despite this, the Modi government is not paying attention to this. The Modi government is only and only engaged in monkey-distribution of the common man’s money. At the same time, former Minister of State Sanjay Paliwal took a dig and said that if you want to learn how the country is drowned in collaboration with the government, then learn from Modi and Adani.

Congressmen protest in Luxor

Demonstrating in Luxor, the Congressmen alleged that the Modi government is doing the work of drowning the money deposited in the banks of the poor. Even after the allegations of such huge financial irregularities, the central government is not ready to conduct an inquiry into the Adani Group. Even in Parliament, he was not given a chance to speak on this issue. The shares of Adani Group are continuously sinking. In such a situation, many agencies investigating the Central Government are also sitting silently.

Massive protest in Adani case in Bageshwar

The Congress expressed displeasure over the Modi government forcing Life Insurance Corporation of India, State Bank of India and other public sector banks to invest in the Adani group. Former Rajya Sabha MP Pradeep Tamta said that 39 thousand crore rupees of policy holders have been invested in Adani Group on behalf of Life Insurance Corporation of India. Due to which the policy holders have to bear a loss of Rs 33,060 crore. Apart from this, public sector Indian banks owe Rs 80,000 thousand crores to the Adani group. Congress strongly opposes this investment of public sector properties. At the same time, former MLA Lalit Farswan said that protests are being held outside the Life Insurance Corporation of India and State Bank of India against the anti-people policy of the Modi government. Work is being done to destroy the country’s economy. Giving so much loan to Adani and Ambani and selling the country’s assets shows the failure of the Modi government.