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Uttar Pradesh / Barabanki: 63-year-old father of 6 daughters, 24-year-old bride as bridegroom, married second to overcome loneliness

You must have read and heard many strange stories about marriages. Knowing about which people are stunned. An anecdote has come to the fore in this episode. Where an elderly man today married a girl less than half his age. The surprising thing is that this groom is the father of six girls and the age of his new bride is less than the age of his daughter. In this strange marriage, the age of the bride is only 24 years and the age of the groom is 63 years. The case pertains to Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh, where a middle-aged man named Nakhed Yadav married a girl named Nandani who is half his age. According to media reports, Nandni is a resident of Ranchi and her age is only 24 years. The news of this marriage has spread like fire in the whole village. For information, let us tell you that Nakhed Yadav is also the father of six girls and his first wife has died.

Second marriage to overcome loneliness

According to Nakhed Yadav, after the death of his first wife, he had become very lonely. All his girls were married and all have gone to their respective homes. Therefore, to overcome his loneliness, he has now married a second time. Nakkhed Yadav told that when 6 daughters got married, I was left alone in the house, when I told people around me about getting married, people refused did it but i had problem in eating and drinking then i got married after talking to my daughters

Nakakhed Yadav did his second marriage today at the Kamakhya Devi temple in Rudauli area of Ayodhya district. Nakkhed has also done his second marriage according to Hindu customs with complete rules and regulations. In the marriage, first havan and then varmala ceremony took place. Around 50 Baraati and Gharati also participated in this marriage. The groom also danced fiercely in this marriage. The family members also danced a lot, at present this marriage has become a topic of discussion in the entire district. Today, a feast has also been organized at Nakakhed Yadav’s house.