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Uttar Pradesh / Moradabad: Husband went abroad to earn, wife started courting! Lover called at home, family members caught

In Agwanpur, Moradabad, on Sunday morning, the relatives caught the lover who went to secretly meet the woman. Angry relatives locked the young man in the room and beat him up. When people explained to the family members, the matter was pacified. The youth left without informing the police. The youth of Agwanpur had gone to work in Saudi Arabia six months back. His wife and four children live in the house here while his elder brother’s family lives in the same house. The woman slept with her children at home on Saturday night. On Sunday morning at around 5.30 am, a young man living in the locality entered the woman’s house by scaling the wall. The woman’s neighbor saw the young man. He called the woman’s nephew and informed about it. This made the family members active. After some time all the people entered the woman’s house. They caught the woman and her lover red-handed while celebrating with her lover.

They took the young man hostage in the room. The relatives thrashed the accused youth fiercely. The people around gathered with the scream. This created an uproar in the locality. The young man was held hostage for about one and a half hours. The matter was of different fraternity. After this, the family members of the young man and the responsible people of the locality also came to the spot. He tried to understand the investigation of the case from the woman and the youth. Both the people started diverting their attention by making excuses. Both were explained for a long time. Advised not to make this mistake again.

After this, the young man was released after apologizing. At the same time, the parents of the woman were called after informing about the matter. The family reprimanded the woman for her heinous act. The case of woman and lover being caught in the city remained a topic of discussion till late evening. Civil Lines station in-charge Gajendra Singh said that no such case has been reported to the police station.