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Uttar Pradesh / Badayu: Mother said – will not be able to nurture, we don’t have child but we want money, the theory of woman turned out to be false in police investigation!

The woman who sold the innocent child in the district refused to take him back. The woman says that she had given the child but the money was eaten by the broker. Now he doesn’t want a child but only money. The couple, residents of Thana Faizganj Behta, traded their child for lakhs. The couple alleges that the brokers ate the money they got in exchange for their son. After this, the woman gave Tahrir of the son’s kidnapping to the police. Police investigation revealed that the child was traded. The police have caught the touts in this case.

The theory of the woman turned out to be false in the police investigation

According to the police, the woman told that on January 26, the woman was delivered at the Asafpur Health Center. The child was sold the very next day. However, on investigation, it was found that the delivery took place on January 19. This thing has come to the fore when the records of the health center were compared. The child was sold on 26 January. This child was bought by Pramod, a resident of Meerut’s Daurala police station, for Rs 2.5 lakh. However, his address was given as Moradabad by the brokers.

Big money disappeared by the brokers

The person who bought the child had given Rs. However, meanwhile the brokers ate the money in the middle. While probing the matter, when the police team reached the police station with the child on Sunday, Pramod told that he has adopted the child. He also showed the stamp paper to the police. After this he took the child and left from there. The brokers gave only one lakh rupees to the couple for the child and the remaining amount was digested in between.

Household items were bought with the money received from selling the child

The one lakh rupees that the couple got by selling the child, they bought new cycles, mobiles, sarees. Along with this, food grains, oil and pulses were also bought for the house. Despite getting the child, the couple refused to take it back. The woman says that she cannot take care of him. They already have five children and their upbringing is not being done properly.