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Uttar Pradesh / Deoria: Had to play hard, got bitten by snake, died

In Jamua village of Khukhundu police station area of ​​Deoria district of UP, a bike rider started stunting on Sunday after catching a snake. The young man had to pay the price of this hobby with his life. The relatives are bewildered after the death.

When villagers saw a poisonous snake in Jamua village, they called Santosh, a resident of the village, to catch it. Santosh caught the snake in just 10 minutes. After that, wrapped in a cloth, brought him near his house. In front of the people of the village, he started showing tricks by taking the snake in his hand. Many times people refused, but he did not agree.

He also got into an argument with the villagers regarding this. Santosh started stunting with a snake while riding a bike. He once touched the snake on his tongue. Sometimes he started playing with the snake on his shoulder and sometimes he was leaving it on the ground.

Meanwhile, the snake bit him, due to which his condition worsened. He died in the evening. SO Naveen Singh told that the matter has been informed. The dead body has been sent for post-mortem.