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Karnataka: Stones filled in underwear and iron plates applied on thighs? The criteria for the job of driver-cum-conductor had to be fulfilled.

Some people in Karnataka are trying to get jobs by cheating by tying stones in their underwear and tying iron plates to their bodies. The question is why people are doing this. The reason is to fulfill the minimum weight criteria for Karnataka Road Transport Corporation jobs. A video related to this matter has also surfaced in which a man can be seen taking out a heavy stone from his underwear. Another candidate had tied weights on his thighs to pass the minimum weight criteria. The minimum weight requirement for the listed jobs was 55 kgs. Some of the candidates, who were not fulfilling this criteria, tried to cheat and used such illegal means.

8 candidates arrested

According to the information, some candidates violated the recruitment rules and tied stones and iron plates weighing 5-10 kg inside their shirts and underwear. Officials have caught at least eight candidates who tried to force their way through by carrying weight on their body and fulfilling the weight criteria. A total of 38,000 applicants had applied for the recruitment of 1,619 posts of Driver-cum-Conductor.