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Uttarakhand BJP captain Mahendra Bhatt attacked Harda, said – Confused Harish Rawat seeing the hand of Congress at the root of every scam, is doing propaganda against BJP

The BJP said that even former CM Harish Rawat has become confused after the exploits of the Congress have come to the fore at the root of every scam and the Congress is also clueless as to what to do, so it has made propaganda a part of its policy. Party State President Mahendra Bhatt, while expressing concern over the ill health of former CM Harish Rawat during the Congress protest last day, has appealed to him to take rest from political activities. However, he also reminded Harda that those in power always patronized corruption in the appointment system. In such a situation, at this stage of his age, even his talk of sacrificing his life on this issue can be a political ostentatious. He has called the double mindedness of the Congress to question the copying law. While talking to the media, Mahendra Bhatt, replying to the objection of the Congress on the copying law, said that the Congress earlier kept talking about the law against copying and now it is questioning it, this is its double mindedness.

He alleged that the history of Congress governments, including Harish Rawat’s, is riddled with many recruitment scams including Patwari, Inspector, BDO and most of the exams which are currently under investigation are of the Congress regime. But in spite of carrying out all the scams, the Congress leaders are giving sermons on honesty. The world has seen on camera those who are creating drama at the police headquarters and other places, bowing down before the corrupt. Even deliberately turning a blind eye to the irregularities happening in the appointment process and today crocodile tears are being shed despite the historic action.

Today the former CM is even talking about sacrificing his life in the interest of the students, but he is pretending to forget the police brutality on trained BEd, Anganwadi food mothers and Shikshamitras, not once but 3-3 times during his tenure. Bhatt alleged that the sole intention of the Congress behind the CBI probe was to deprive the youth of employment by restricting recruitment processes. So that the youth get angry and the law and order in the state deteriorates. The opposition, who are alleging that the paper leak accused got bail, first need to look into their own backyard. Because if he had taken the initiative of strict anti-copying law during his tenure like today, then the situation in front of the unemployed would not have been like this. But the Dhami government has now brought the strictest anti-copying law so that all examinations will be conducted transparently and justice will be done to the youth.