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Uttarakhand / Haridwar: Love of a mother is ashamed! Kalyugi mother did the deal of 3 months old child for 9 lakhs, 4 people reached behind the bars

In Dharmanagari Haridwar, a Kalyugi mother made a deal for a piece of her heart. The woman sold her 3-month-old child for the greed of few money. Before the child reached the buyer, the police arrested the accused mother, her father, a female broker and the buyer. Police has also recovered Rs 5 lakh from the accused on the spot. Actually, the Kankhal police station has revealed a case in which the mother was going to sell her own child. The child was also not big, just 3 months old. Together with her father, the woman got her child traded for Rs 9 lakh. 5 lakh rupees were also taken as advance. On the information of the informer, the police have arrested 4 people in this case. Those who bought the child are said to be residents of Ranipokhari in Dehradun. The police have also arrested a woman broker in this case, who was getting the child’s deal done. This is not the first case of buying and selling of children in Haridwar. Even before this, a case of selling a kidnapped child had come to the fore in Jwalapur area. Once again a child was saved by being sold. Same, the mask was also removed from the faces of Kalyugi Maa and Nana. Who had sold his child only for the sake of money.

What SSP said

Haridwar SSP Ajay Singh told that a confidential complaint was received at Kankhal police station that preparations are on to sell a child. A woman living in Kankhal area has sold her 3-month-old child along with her father to a person living in Ranipokhari for a huge amount of money. This time when the investigation was done, it was found that the matter is absolutely correct. After which the police took immediate action and arrested four accused. During interrogation, it was found that the deal for a 3-month-old baby was done for Rs 9 lakh. A couple living in Ranipokhari who did not have a child. He had bought this child. Due to money transactions and middlemen, this thing got leaked. By registering a case in this case, the police have recovered Rs 5 lakh. Along with this, along with the child’s mother, maternal grandfather and a middleman, the woman who had bought the child was also arrested.

The longing of the child and the desire for money got this work done

The names of four people have come to the fore in the preliminary investigation. If the name of any accused comes forward in this, then he will also be arrested. At present, no criminal background of the accused has come to light. Only the longing of the child and the desire for money has got this done.