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Uttar Pradesh / Agra: Dead body of the student kept on the back seat of the car, then bought petrol and set it on fire by taking it to the barren land

There has been a big disclosure in the case of kidnapping and murder of a BA student in Fatehpur Sikri, Agra. The accused had murdered the student after kidnapping. After this, a ransom of Rs 10 lakh was demanded by calling the father. Also, the accused had threatened to kill the son if he told the police. The police was looking for him that after four and a half hours Luv’s body was found lying on the roadside behind Neelam College on Kaurai Marg. An attempt was made to burn the dead body after putting a plastic bag on it. There was chaos in the family after the incident. Investigation revealed that Luv, a BA student, was murdered by his friend along with his cousin. Luv was called to the farm on the pretext of repaying the loan of Rs.10,000. Cousin brother held Luv’s hand and he slashed her neck with a knife. After the murder, the father was called for ransom. On Friday, the police arrested the accused Rajesh and his cousin Monty alias Ashu and disclosed the incident.

Dead body kept in car, bought petrol from pump

Monty brought the car from home to the farm. Both of them wrapped the body in a plastic bag and kept it on the back seat. Came to NH-11 and bought petrol in a bottle from the pump. After coming near Neelam College, bringing the dead body to the barren land, they set the gunny bag on fire. After this they came to the turning point. So that the relatives do not doubt them, they called the father and asked for ransom. Then threw the phone in the bushes. Throwing the bag in the well, they ran away.

Call by changing location

The Commissioner of Police had deputed Inspector Balwan Singh, in-charge of Fatehpur Sikri Police Station and SOG in-charge of Western Zone, Rajkumar Giri, along with another team, for the disclosure of the incident. Police teams investigated. Call details of the deceased Luv were extracted. Got a lot of information in it. After committing the murder, the accused called a friend of Luv from the farm itself.

But the call was muted. After that went to another place. Called a friend from here too. Later called the father and asked for ransom. His aim was to make it seem that Luv is alive. They felt that the police would not suspect them by changing the location.

Monty is in the Merchant Navy

Monty, a resident of village Baseri, is working in the Merchant Navy. His family lives in Bharatpur, but he keeps coming to the village. He had come on the invitation of his cousin. Rajesh does nothing. He is intermediate pass.

SP leader reached the police station

SP District President Lal Singh Lodhi reached Fatehpur Sikri police station at 9:30 am on Friday. SP workers were also present during this. They raised slogans in the police station premises demanding financial help for the victim’s family. A debate also took place between the station in-charge and the SP district president on this.