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Uttar Pradesh / Barabanki: Women who came for sterilization were first made unconscious, then refused to operate

A major case of negligence of the health department has come to light in Barabanki. Where the doctors injected anesthesia to the women who came for sterilization. But when the team reached for sterilisation, the doctor refused to operate after seeing the chaos in the hospital. The team returned from there without performing the operation. After which all the women remained unconscious for several hours. At the same time, there was a stir in the district as soon as this matter came to the fore. After which the CMO has ordered an inquiry into it. This whole matter is related to Community Health Center Ramnagar of Barabanki. Where the sterilization camp was set up. For this, 19 women had registered. 18 women reached CHC for sterilization. According to the information, after talking to the team coming from the district for sterilization, the CHC doctor injected anesthesia to five women. In which Soni, Meena, Sushila, Preeti, Sheela are included. After this, these five women started fainting.

All five women fainted

By the time the team from the district reached the CHC, these five women had become unconscious. His relatives have alleged that the team came to the CHC, but immediately returned after going to the OT and said that there is so much chaos in the OT that doing any kind of operation here is not free from danger. After that the team returned to Barang without conducting the operation. Relatives allege that the women remained unconscious at the CHC for about 4 hours. Even after that the CHC doctors did not take any care of him.

The doctor was sick

Ramnagar CHC Superintendent Dr. Hemant Gupta told that the health of the doctor of the operation team had deteriorated. Due to which he returned. All the women were admitted. Everyone was sent home after regaining consciousness. They have been asked to come on the next date when the camp is set up. On the other hand, Barabanki’s CMO Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Yadav told that a sterilization camp was organized at CHC Ramnagar. The team returned without operation after giving the injection. The entire matter is being investigated. Whoever is guilty, strict action will be taken against him.