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With this technology, women will be able to become mothers without getting pregnant… there will be an option to choose the color and appearance of the child.

It is said that becoming a mother is the greatest happiness in this world, every married couple aspires to become a parent, some people easily get the pleasure of becoming a parent while some do not get this pleasure. In case IVF also fails, there is good news for such couples, science has found a way to become a mother without getting pregnant. Scientists have developed such a technique with the help of which children will be born without the natural uterus. For couples who cannot give birth to a child due to serious diseases like infertility, uterine cancer, this technique is nothing less than a dream. It is known as Artificial Womb Facility. This technology has been created by a company named Actolife. Know about it in detail……..

What is artificial womb facility

With this facility, a ray of hope has arisen in the minds of those couples who have lost the hope of getting the happiness of a child. The method of producing children with the help of artificial womb is called artificial womb facility. The artificial uterus has been designed like the real uterus present in the mother’s body and the child born in this uterus will be very special. In this, parents will be able to customize all the good quality in the child according to their own. The parents can change the colour, facial features, habits and even the genes as per their wish. With the help of this technology, parents can choose the color of the eyes, the height of the children. The company has claimed that with the help of this technology, the child will be born safely, Actolife has 75 labs with high equipment in each lab. 400 Growth Pods where kids can study with pride

How will it work?

With the help of this technique, the sperm of a man and one of a woman are mixed in the machine, then the machine starts working like a mother’s womb. Birth pods will have an artificial umbilical cord through which the baby will continue to get oxygen and nutrients, artificial womb amniotics will be inserted in the same way as the fluid in the mother’s womb, nutrients will be added accordingly as the child develops. The doctor says that for 9 months as the child lives in the mother’s womb, it will remain in the artificial womb, so there will be no danger to the health, although the doctor also says that it has not been used yet, so nothing for sure Can’t be said.

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