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In the coming time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will usurp these jobs, are you in danger?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other types of generative AI can eat us. Since its release in November last year, the AI chatbot has been used to write cover letters, create a children’s book, and even help students with their essays. With the arrival of ChatGPT, there has been a debate on whether it will replace jobs and today we are going to talk about what kind of jobs chatbots can eat.

What is ChatGPT?

Chat GPT is an AI chatbot auto-generative system created by OpenAI for online customer service. It is a pre-trained generative chat, which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP). Its source of data is textbooks, websites and various articles.

For what purposes ChatGPT can be used?

ChatGPT can be used to write code, write an article or blog post, translate, debug, write a story, give recommendations for chords and lyrics, etc. Let us now know that which jobs are at risk due to the arrival of ChatGPT? Advertisements

Let us tell you for information that with the advent of ChatGPT, the authors have become at risk on a large scale. In fact it is fully proficient in the English language, and can even write you English articles on a single voice and topic.

There is danger for teachers?: Due to ChatGPT, people will now start trying to find the condition of their every problem online. Apart from this, ChatGPT is such a tool, which also gives you very minute things that only a teacher tells his students.

There is trouble for the media world: ChatGPT is being seen as a big problem for the media world. However, in the coming times, it has to be seen whether the jobs are really affected by this or not.

What are some other jobs that may go due to AI or ChatGPT? Let’s know about them!

Telemarketer /Telesales: Telesales are among the first businesses to be offered. You’ve probably already received robo-calls, but future calls will be more natural. And having a single-domain conversation where AI leads makes it much easier for AI to appear authentic. In addition, AI can perform customer profiles, past purchases, and emotional recognition to discover patterns.

Customer support: Adoption of AI will enhance customer interaction. However, customer support positions tend to be repetitive (their jobs often follow a “script”), and will therefore be largely replaced by AI.

Warehouse workers: Amazon warehouses have robots made by Kiva Systems that move racks of shelves and bring them to stationary human workers, who then pick up the merchandiser and put them in bins. But computer vision and robotic manipulation techniques have improved, so that many stationary human jobs will soon be replaced.

Clerks and operational staff: These are the “faceless” middle-men who manage data and information. AI will be used for job requirements filing, processing, purchasing, inventory management, form filling, error checking, sales forecasting.

Telephone operators: Telephone operators are the least personal of all telephone related jobs. Speech recognition is becoming more accurate (Microsoft’s speech recognition has surpassed human recognition), and in-context dialogue oriented speech synthesis is becoming more natural.

Teller/cashier: Tellers and cashiers are already being replaced by ATMs and self checkouts. The increased competition will force retailers, banks and fast-food companies to eliminate many manual processes. Amazon Go points to a future where stores are completely independent, but it won’t see widespread adoption anytime soon.

Fast food workers: Food preparation is repetitive and fixed-location. That’s why displacement is necessary. Existing franchises have already started automating order taking, and are likely to move to facial and speech recognition soon.

Dish Washers: Don’t think of a dish washer as a man-shaped robot, think of it as a super-sized dishwasher that can take dishes (and food, bones, napkins, utensils) right off the restaurant table , and gives shiny shiny results on the outside. Advertisements

Assembly line inspector: Due to the fixed and static environment and repetitive nature of the jobs, assembly line jobs will be gradually phased out. Finishing up at Phase Manor could take 20 years – not that fast because robotic manipulation isn’t easy for AI.

Couriers: Couriers and delivery people are being replaced by delivery robots, mini-vehicles, full trucks and drones. It will first start with indoor delivery in structured environments (hotel rooms, apartments, condominiums), and then on non-public roads and finally full delivery.