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Uttarakhand: Questions are being raised on LIU! Who created ruckus in the name of demonstration of unemployed in Dehradun? Was the Local Intelligence Police (LIU) sleeping?

On February 09, the Unemployed Union staged a sit-in protest near Gandhi Park on Rajpur Road regarding certain demands. Police say that during this time an attempt was made to disturb the law and order by committing unruly acts by the anarchic elements involved in the demonstration. Along with this, using indecent language, the policemen appointed on duty were assaulted and abused and state and public vehicles were vandalized and damaged. The whole thing is understandable, but when miscreants were entering the crowd, what was the Local Intelligence Police (LIU) of Dehradun doing?

Why was LIU not alert? Why did they lack information? Is the LIU police of the state becoming weak? This matter is not being raised because this has happened for the first time. Even before this, whenever the government has needed LIU in the state, LIU has been seen failing on almost all issues. The MLA leaves the party and goes to Delhi by plane and comes back from Delhi. LIU doesn’t get to know that there are many incidents like this, which is telling that the seriousness of LIU of Uttarakhand is now under question.

If we talk about the recent stone pelting incident, according to the police, during this time a lot of stones were pelted by the protesters with the aim of deadly attack on the police, in which 15 policemen were injured who were sent to the hospital for treatment. After pelting stones, the crowd dispersed and blocked the road till Ashley Hall Chowk, blocking Ghantaghar Chowk, due to which the general public had to face huge problems. But it remains a matter of discussion in the police department that how such a large number of mischievous and mischievous elements entered the crowd, whether the local intelligence and the LIU of Dehradun could not even get a clue and if they could not reach the clue then Who is responsible for this? Doesn’t the police department need to think what the local intelligence police was doing if the miscreants entered the crowd before the lathi charge at Gandhi Park?

About 3 to 4 thousand people were involved in the fierce demonstration, 13 main persons who instigated the crowd and created nuisance were arrested by the police from the spot. But the big question is that how did such an incident happen in the presence of so much intelligence, that too right under the nose of the government, the place where this incident took place is the police headquarters and the biggest office of Uttarakhand, where policy making work is done, the Secretariat. It is only 400 meters away. Does the government have famine in its intelligence system or in the local intelligence police LIU and its information? Now it will be interesting to see how the Chief Minister sees this whole incident and what action he takes on it?