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Uttarakhand: Dehradun’s local intelligence police, which has been in controversies for a long time, failed even in the performance of the youth! Could not gather information? The role of the police will also be investigated – BJP state president

Taking the movement of the unemployed lightly has cost the police a great deal and the incident of stone pelting that took place after this movement has exposed the local intelligence, if the situation had been sensed in the beginning, perhaps stone pelting would not have come to the fore. The police had reached there only with the intention of convincing and maintaining law and order. But, in no time, the situation worsened so much that the police had to use force on many occasions. Later, the police also arranged for PAC and tear gas shells, but the question arises that why did the local intelligence ie LIU not get a clue about it and what was the reason behind this lethargy? It is not that Dehradun Local Intelligence Police has been accused for the first time, even before this Dehradun LIU has been in controversies and some people of LIU had made a lot of headlines by taking bribe and molesting women.

Bribery and tampering in the name of passport verification

A LIU (Intelligence) employee who had gone to verify the passport molested the girl after finding her alone. The accused also demanded bribe and liquor. The Vasant Vihar police station registered a case against the LIU employee and arrested him. Let us tell you that LIU employee Kedar Panwar had reached his house for verification of passport related documents and address. After checking the documents, the accused started pointing out the shortcomings in them. Meanwhile, he started molesting the girl after finding her alone at home.

During this, the employee asked the girl for Rs 500 as bribe and was also asking for a bottle of liquor. While leaving, the accused also threatened that if he told this to anyone, he would never allow his passport to be made. The then SSP Janmejay Khanduri had pointed out that the employee’s offense was serious, so a case was registered against him under sections of molestation (354) and criminal breach of trust (409) of public servant and the employee was suspended.

The role of the police will also be investigated – BJP state president

Let us tell you that after the recent stone pelting in the students’ demonstration, on the one hand, while orders have been made to investigate the stone pelters, on the other hand, the role of the police will also be investigated, calling the incident of lathi charge and stone pelting in Dehradun unfortunate. Mahendra Bhatt had said that we are always standing with the deserving contestants and if there has been any conspiracy or any mishandling by the police, administration, then that too will be investigated and action will be taken against the culprits. That is, the BJP state president has made it clear that somewhere in the entire incident, the lapse on the part of the police and the administration also cannot be denied. will also investigate

But now the question arises that what action will the CM take on this whole matter and when will the local intelligence police of Dehradun i.e. the capital wake up from sleep and keep a close watch on such incidents and prevent such cases from happening. Taking action soon in the incident, we are determined to get the culprits severely punished.