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Uttar Pradesh / Varanasi: Robber bride arrested, had absconded by making her in-laws unconscious in the train

Police has exposed the bride and her gang who ran away unconscious along with the groom and in-laws in the train. Cantt GRP has succeeded in arresting the robber bride on Sunday. A few days ago, the people who had come from Rajasthan had executed the incident by arranging false marriages. The search is on for others involved in the conspiracy. The people of Rajasthan had filed a case in the matter of the bride robbing the groom after getting married near Varanasi Cantt GRP. Taking the matter seriously, the police was investigating. On the information of the informer, the GRP arrested the robber along with the bride and her accomplice from near the ticket window during checking on Sunday. The robber bride was trying to run away from Varanasi to some other district. Along with the arrested accused Gudiya Yadav, her sister Sahajanwa was a resident of Gorakhpur. The arrested accused told that they used to loot goods by organizing other marriages in the same manner before.

In-charge GRP Hemant Singh told that a gang member met the people of Rajasthan, who talked about getting them married and brought the people to his home. Here people liked the girl and then the matter of marriage went ahead. The people who had discussed for marriage, they gave everything like money. After this, when people were going from the city station after the wedding, one of their companions, Chhotu, sat and reconciled with the people and made them sleep by feeding them salty and intoxicating substances in tea.

According to the GRP in-charge, when the robber bride left for Rajasthan from Varanasi by Marudhar Express after getting married, one of her accomplices was present near her in a pre-planned manner. The one who made a practical relationship on the way before Kanpur by feeding intoxicants unconscious the family members including the groom and then came back from Kanpur to Varanasi along with his gang members and went on a rampage. GRP Cantt has arrested the robbed bride along with her sister. 5000 amount of looted goods has been recovered from the robber bride. The police is on the lookout to arrest the accused present in the other gang.