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Uttar Pradesh / Meerut: Painful end of love marriage! Husband poisoned pregnant wife to death

A heart-wrenching incident has come to the fore from Meerut district of UP. The body of 28-year-old Neetu was found lying at her house in Ektanagar on Sunday. It is being told that the deceased was 3 months pregnant. On the other hand, 5 hours before the death of deceased Neetu, her husband Jitendra’s mobile is switched off and he is also missing from the spot. At the same time, the relatives have accused Jitendra of killing Neetu by poisoning her. Relatives told that Neetu and Jitendra had a love marriage a year ago. Please tell that the landlord Dharampal had informed the police by calling the police.

The couple was living in a rented house

The landlord Dharampal told the police that Jitendra and Neetu had rented the room 15 days ago. Jitendra works as a laborer. At present, the police has sent the dead body of the woman for postmortem. Dharampal told the police that the woman’s husband had gone somewhere in the morning. At the same time, when Neetu did not come out of the room till noon, they called her. On which no response was received from inside. When he peeped inside through the window, Neetu was lying on the bed and foam was coming out of her mouth. After which, when Jitendra’s phone was switched off, Dharampal informed Neetu’s parents.

There was often a dispute between the couple

On the other hand, the sister and brother-in-law of the deceased who reached the spot told that Jitendra is originally a resident of Muzaffarnagar, Mirapur. He told that Jitendra and Neetu had come to Meerut about 15 days ago. The sister of the deceased Neetu told the police that Neetu was not happy after marriage. There were frequent fights and quarrels between Jitendra and Neetu. A few days back, Neetu had also complained about Jitendra to her parents. Due to love marriage, the parents did not interfere in the matter of both. The love for which Neetu married Jitendra. After marriage, that love also turned out to be false. Police said that further action will be taken after the post mortem report is received.