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Uttarakhand: Congress wants to take advantage of youth movement, miscreants will be punished – Mahendra Bhatt

BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt has given a big statement regarding the lathi charge in Dehradun. He said that whoever pelts stones will also be punished. The Congress is trying to make it a political issue, so the Congress is behind those who pelted stones in Dehradun. The youth of Uttarakhand can never pelt stones.

Copy mafia will get strict punishment

Please tell that Mahendra Bhatt had come to attend the BJP Working Committee meeting in Laksar, Haridwar. During this, in a press conference, he enumerated the achievements of the anti-copying law made by the state government and described it as the strictest anti-copying law in the country. Mahendra Bhatt said that anti-copying law has been implemented by the Uttarakhand government keeping in view the future of the youth. Now, under this law, copying mafia will be given strict punishment. According to the anti-copying law, the accused caught copying will be sentenced to life imprisonment and 10 years, and a fine of ₹ 10 lakh will also be imposed. Strict anti-copying law has not been implemented anywhere in the entire country from the state of Uttarakhand.

Congress wants to take advantage of youth movement

Along with this, he said that the people who gave their arrest during the protest in Dehradun are Congressmen. Issue-less Congress wanted to take political advantage of this issue. Along with this, he also said that the magisterial inquiry is going on in this matter. Everything will be clear in the investigation. Those who are not found guilty will be given a clean chit. Mahendra Bhatt said that many of the students who were arrested during the protest had to appear for the Patwari paper exam on February 12. That’s why the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Pushkar Singh Dhami ordered to give bail to those students and many students were also given bail and they also gave their Patwari paper.

Government stands with the youth

The state government is constantly standing with the youth of Uttarakhand. That’s why the government passed the anti-copying law in a very short time. He assures that copycat mafias will not be allowed to become active in the coming times. Under the anti-copying law, strict action will be taken against those who sell such tricks.