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Bihar / Kaimur: Doctors sterilized the bachelor, the young man said – ‘I am not even married’

The act of a government doctor has come to the fore in Bihar’s Kaimur district. The patient who went for hydrocele operation was sterilised. As soon as the relatives of the patient came to know about this, everyone got agitated. On the other hand, the victim has appealed to the police for justice by giving an application in the Chainpur police station regarding the matter.

Sterilization of the young man who came for hydrocele operation

The victim youth Manka Yadav told that he is a resident of Sherpur Jagaria village of Chainpur block of the district. Father had come to the hospital with Ramdahin Yadav. I am his younger son. Had gone to Chainpur Community Health Center to get hydrocele operated. Here doctors have done sterilization operation instead of hydrocele operation.

“Now tell me that I am not even married. How will I live further now. Due to the negligence of the doctor, my whole life has been ruined. I should be restored as before”.

Manka Yadav, victim

‘I am not even married and got sterilised’

As soon as the victim youth came to know about the doctor’s handiwork, he immediately gave an application to register an FIR in the Chainpur police station. Giving information in this whole matter, the victim Manka Yadav said that I have not even got married yet. I had come to the government hospital to get hydrocele operated, where the doctor performed a vasectomy. On the other hand, Sunil Kumar, in-charge of the Community Health Center, Chainpur, said that we have also come to know about the matter.

“My son had hydrocele. He was brought to the hospital for operation but was sterilized here. The son is not even married yet. There would have been no problem if the wife and children were there.

– Ramdahin Yadav, father of the victim

No first case of negligence

This is not the first case of negligence from the Chainpur health department. Many such cases have come, due to which questions have been raised on the entire health department. Whether it is a matter of negligence during delivery or transfer posting of personnel, in many such cases the people’s representatives and the health department stand face to face.

“We have come to know about the matter. Further investigation is being done. After that the report will be given to the department. After that further action will be taken at the departmental level.”

– Sunil Kumar, Incharge, Community Health Center Chainpur