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Uttar Pradesh / Gorakhpur: Everyone was shocked by the creepy act of elephant in the pandal during the Yagya, the elephant killed three people by trampling them

Yagya and Kalash Yatra were organized in a village of Gorakhpur in UP. Two elephants were called to make it spectacular. Suddenly an elephant got scared and created a fierce orgy. Whoever came in front of him was crushed by the elephant. In this incident, three people died on the spot. CM Yogi has expressed grief over this incident. In a tweet by the CM’s office, it has been said that instructions have been given to provide a relief amount of Rs 5 lakh to the families of those who lost their lives in the elephant attack in Gorakhpur.

Women were feeding prasad to the elephant after the yagya

The villagers told that 5-6 thousand people from the village had reached the yagya organized near Dih, situated on the banks of the river. Two elephants were also called in this. The women of the village were feeding prasad to the elephant after the yagya. Only then one of the two elephants got separated.

There was chaos after seeing the fierce form of elephant

He crushed Kaushalya Devi (50 years) wife Dilip Madheshiya, his four-year-old grandson Krishna and a village woman Kanti Devi (55 years) to death. All three died on the spot. Seeing the fierce form of the elephant, there was chaos there. After this the elephant ran towards the farm.

In the words of the daughter of the woman who lost her life

Pooja, a resident of Mohammadpur Mafi village, told that preparations were on to go to the Kalash. His mother was standing near the elephant. The elephant toppled him and stepped on his body. After this, his sister’s son was also crushed. His mother and sister’s son died. After this, the elephant picked up another woman and threw her.

Because of this he did not move the elephant

The priest Ramlakhan, who conducted the yagya in the village, told that the yagya was going on. Due to the large crowd, the elephant got scattered and crushed two women and a child. At the same time, a person from the village alleged that the mahout was asked to remove the elephant but the women were offering money. Because of this he did not move the elephant forward. If he had removed the elephant in time, it might not have split and neither such a big accident would have happened.

Three people died and many people were injured

Regarding this incident, Gorakhpur’s SDM Sadar Neha Bandhu Singh said that two women and a child have died. Many other people have also suffered injuries. A medical team has been deployed for his treatment. Simultaneously, efforts are being made to control the elephant.

The forest department team is engaged in controlling the elephant

On the other hand, SP North of Gorakhpur Manoj Kumar Awasthi told that it has been learned that two women had come to feed the elephant during the Yagya. Meanwhile, the elephant thrashed both the women and a child and ran away from there towards the farm. The forest department team is engaged to control the elephant.