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Punjab / Abohar: Brother’s name was printed on the wedding card, and he himself came to the mandap to take rounds with the bride, even the police were surprised to know the matter.

The matter has come to the fore from Kalarkheda village of Abohar district in Punjab, where a person was planning a second marriage by deceiving everyone by preparing a plan in film style. When the first wife arrived in the climax of his plan, the ongoing marriage had to be stopped and the groom accompanied the police to the police station. In fact, being the first wife, a young man from Araiyanwala (Mohkamwala) village of Jalalabad had reached Kallarkheda village of Abohar to get married with full preparation. The planning was even that if caught, the younger brother’s hands would be reddened and the police would be saved from action.

Younger brother’s name printed in marriage

This was the reason that the name of the younger brother was printed on the wedding card, but all the preparations were left behind and the first wife reached the spot with her family members and got the marriage stopped. After this the matter reached the police. Police station Khuiyan Sarwar called both the parties and recorded their statements and started further investigation. Giving information, the accused’s first wife Kuldeep Kaur and her family members said that in 2019, she was married to Sukhwinder Singh, a resident of Jalalabad village Araiyanwala (Mohkamwala). After one year of marriage, a daughter was born in their house.

Did this after a rift with the first wife

For the past few days, Kuldeep Kaur was having a rift with her husband. Because of this, she was living at her maternal home for some time. During this, one of his acquaintances told that Sukhwinder Singh is going to get married for the second time. Due to which she reached Kallarkheda village of Abohar with her family members, where the marriage pavilion was decorated and the groom took her for a round. After this he told the whole story to the girl. After telling this, the marriage rituals were stopped and the police were called. On the other hand, ASI Divendra Singh of Chowki Kallarkheda told that the matter is being investigated. Statements have been taken by calling both the parties, whatever action is taken will be taken.

Marriage stopped even after taking rounds

When the whole matter came to light, the groom handed over the sword etc. to his brother and tried to prove that his brother was married. Due to this act of the groom, the girl’s family also got upset. It didn’t take long for everyone to understand that there was something black in the dal. The girl’s parents also thanked that their girl was saved from getting trapped in the clutches of a fraudster.