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Bihar / Gopalganj: Prisoner swallowed mobile due to fear of police, X-ray revealed after abdominal pain, now police is taking him to hospital

A shocking case of a prisoner swallowing a mobile has come to light in Bihar’s Gopalganj. It is being told that the prisoner swallowed the mobile due to fear of being caught during the jail checking. After this, severe pain started in his stomach. Then the matter came to the fore. After such a case comes to the fore, a special team of doctors is being constituted for the treatment of the prisoner. There was a stir as soon as the jail administration got the information about the case. The prisoner was hurriedly admitted to the emergency ward of Gopalganj Sadar Hospital. Here when the doctors examined him, it was said that he had a mobile phone in his stomach.

Mobile size item seen during X-ray

According to the information, a prisoner lodged in Chanawe Jail of Gopalganj had unbearable pain in the stomach. The jail administration took the prisoner to Sadar Hospital for treatment. Doctors say that in the X-ray examination of the prisoner, some mobile-shaped material is visible. The doctor is also surprised after this incident.

Prisoner used to use Chinese company’s phone

According to the prisoner, he used to keep a small mobile phone of a Chinese company in the jail, through which he used to talk to his family members. Meanwhile, after being informed about the investigation in Mandal Jail, he swallowed the mobile. The prisoner lodged in Mandal Jail has been identified as Kaisar Ali, a resident of Indarwa village of Nagar police station area, who is lodged in Chanave Mandal Jail since 2020 in the case of NDPS Act.