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Nepal-India bridge will strengthen the relationship between the two countries, 5 new cities will be established – CM Dhami

Two international suspension bridges connecting India and Nepal have been inaugurated in Pithoragarh district. This suspension bridge is built on the Kali river. On which CM Pushkar Dhami says that the development of bridges between India and Nepal will strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Along with this, he has also kept his point on the paper leak issue. At the same time, CM Dhami said that under the flagship scheme, the state government is preparing to set up 5 new cities.

It may be noted that two suspension bridges built on the Kali river flowing between India and Nepal were jointly inaugurated in Pithoragarh. Under this, the first bridge has been built at Gasku in Dharchula tehsil, which is about 140 meters long. While the second suspension bridge has been prepared in Malghatya. Which is about 135 meters long. After the construction of these two bridges, the number of bridges built on Kali flowing between India and Nepal in Pithoragarh district has increased to 11.

It is believed that after the inauguration of these bridges, the movement between the two countries will become more smooth. The benefit of which will be given to both the people. Because, the people of both the countries will not have to travel a long distance to cross the border. These bridges are also closed on many occasions. Especially when there are elections etc. in India or Nepal. So that the security system remains in place. At the same time, CM Dhami has given his statement on the inauguration of both these bridges. This will further strengthen the relations between India and Nepal. Let us inform that the relation of bread and daughter is also considered between the two countries.

CM Dhami’s statement on paper leak in Uttarakhand

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that whether it is Uttarakhand or other state examinations of the country, copying has become an important issue. Every state is worried about copying. Anti-copying law has been implemented in the state. Which will prevent cheating in the exam. Along with this, copying from pen drive will also be banned. At the same time, CM Dhami also talked about setting up five new cities in five years.