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KHAN SIR did not get married for this reason, told in the interview the reason of distance from love

‘Faizal Khan’, known as ‘Khan Sir’ in Bihar, is in discussion about his marriage these days. There is only one question on everyone’s tongue that why they have not married till now. In the international TV show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Kapil Sharma had asked him the same question as to why you did not get married. He avoided his fans for this. Actually, tell about him that Khan sir is a teacher and is working to educate the youth in Bihar. After the Corona period, he has gained popularity through the YouTube channel. If we talk about the followers of Khan Sir, then he has more than 17 million followers on his YouTube channel.

Not because Khan sir married

Khan sir aka ‘Faizal Khan’ said in one of his interviews that I studied living in a very small house and village. Killing many dreams, he completed his studies. There is a lot of concern about the education of children. They do the work of teaching children from morning till two in the night. There is no time at all for the education of children. When he was asked in the interview why you are not getting married. So in response, he said that I am very happy in my life, due to this the fans should also get an idea.

This is how they study online

Khan Sir said that something interesting can be made by making humor through an education. “That’s why I added humor to education and started teaching children, so that children don’t get bored with humor and keep studying with their mind. He said that the work of teaching children is done in Bihar at the lowest fees. Also said that we reduced the fees for our classes in the education center to Rs 7,500. Our aim is to educate the last row child.

Told the story of teaching children in The Kapil Sharma Show

Khan sir told in The Kapil Sharma Show that a girl in his education center came to me and said sir please make my class morning. When I asked the student, why am I saying this son, then the daughters turned around and said that I go to someone’s house in the evening to wash utensils. My heart broke after hearing the words of the daughters. Along with Kapil Sharma, other people in the show also got emotional after listening to the story of his daughter studying in his education center. Today, this story of Khan sir is becoming very popular even on social media.