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Police put up picket demonstration outside Gandhi Park, banners written restricted area, Uttarakhand unemployed union raised questions

According to the unemployed union, according to the predetermined program on Thursday, Uttarakhand unemployed union wanted to start satyagraha in Gandhian way in Gandhi Park, Dehradun, but according to the unemployed union, the Uttarakhand government administration flouted the right to freedom of movement in a democratic system. By deploying a large amount of police force outside Gandhi Park, the administration put up banners written on both sides of the gate protesting restricted area and the Uttarakhand Unemployed Union was prevented from doing satyagraha. After which a meeting was held inside Gandhi Park by the Uttarakhand Unemployed Union, in which all the unemployed alleged that the government administration is adopting a dual policy regarding sit-in demonstrations, in which political parties and organizations supported by political parties are given separate rules, laws and regulations. Separate law is applicable to the Uttarakhand unemployed union.

Unemployed Union President Bobby Panwar said that the voice of the unemployed cannot be suppressed by adopting a dictatorial attitude. Bobby Panwar said that the movement will be started in Ekta Vihar Dehradun from tomorrow till a proper place is found for the picket site. Along with this, the movement will be taken forward from time to time under various strategies. During this, Suresh Singh, Sushil Kantura, Sachin Khanna, Anil Negi, Mukesh, Anil, Ramesh Chauhan, Hariom Bhatt, Nitin Dutt, Mohan Kantura, Lushun Todaria, Sandeep Chauhan, Krishna Prasad etc. were present from the unemployed union.