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Uttar Pradesh / Agra: The one who heard it cried! The shock of mother’s death was such that she was ill for several months, the bride died in 24 hours

A surprising case has come to light in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Here a bride died suddenly within 24 hours of her marriage. Just now the sound of shehnai had ended in the wedding house, the bridegroom had taken the bride in his lap and brought her away from her in-laws house when the bride died. Sudden death turned the happiness of marriage into mourning. On the other hand, the bridegroom says that he had brought the band with the musical instrument on his lap, little did I know that after a few hours he would have to bid farewell in the bier. In fact, Sonia, a resident of Dhulia Ganj in Agra, got married on February 27 to Raju’s son Ballan, a resident of Mahadev Gali, Fatehpur Sikri. All the rituals were performed in the marriage with Hindu customs. Raju decorated Sehra with music and went to pick up his bride Sonia and took 7 rounds on the mandap. Both of them got married by promising seven weights. The bride and groom’s side could not contain their happiness. The next day i.e. in the early hours of February 28, Raju took Sonia in his lap and brought her home after bidding her farewell.

The bride’s health deteriorated as soon as she reached her in-laws

According to media reports, the bride’s health suddenly started deteriorating when the bridegroom brought her home in his arms. The groom’s family informed the bride’s family. In a hurry, the bride was taken in a car and admitted to the hospital in Bharatpur. The bride died during the treatment itself. At the same time, the groom said that he had taken him on his lap and brought him farewell with music, I did not know that after a few hours he would have to bid farewell on the bier.

The bride was sick for 5 months, was shocked by the death of her mother

People from the bride’s side told that the mother of the bride Sonia had died in October last year. Since then, Sonia’s health started deteriorating. The doctors told about infection in the lungs. His treatment was going on continuously. She was married only after some improvement in the condition, but how did we know that the daughter would die in this way only after marriage. There is mourning in both the families.