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Uttar Pradesh / Barabanki: The leader got into a scuffle with the officer in the farmer’s fair, was beaten up

A video from Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki is going viral on social media in which a fight is seen between a BJP leader and a government employee. The steno can be seen being thrashed by BJP leader Pankaj Dixit. Controversy has increased regarding this viral video. The whole issue pertains to the Kisan Mela organized in Barabanki.

Fight between BJP leader and officer

Former MLA Late. BJP leader Pankaj Dixit, son of Sunderlal Dixit, was talking to a journalist. During this he said that farmers do not come here but brokers come. Hearing this, the government employee ‘Steno’ started protesting against him and after that there was a tussle between the two. After the altercation, the BJP leader hit the stans with a chair and then a scuffle started between the two. The scuffle gradually turned into verbal abuse and both fell on the ground.

User Feedback

The video of this scuffle is going viral on social media, people are giving their reactions on it. Congress leader Surendra Rajput wrote that he is BJP goon leader or mafia? How are they beating a government official and Yogi ji says that the mafia has left the state? @preeti_chobey User wrote that BJP leader Pankaj Dixit was thrashing officials like government employee Alok Singh at Barabanki Agriculture Fair. Sanskari Party leaders are beating the officer and Maharaj ji says that the goons have left the state.

A user named Abhishek Singh wrote that this is the trick, character and face of BJP, this is their values. One user wrote that the way the government official refused to recognize Akash Vijayvargiya even after being hit with a bat, he will also be forgotten. A user named Ashok Jain wrote that most of the mafia and goons are robbers, whereas in the BJP rule, BJP workers and leaders are flourishing only under the rule of Narendra Modi, because “as the king and the people.”