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Technical experts handed over PMO’s file after study and handed over to PMO, Neo Metro Project in Uttarakhand will hold speed

After reaching Delhi from Dehradun, the Neo Metro Project has gained momentum. Technical experts have handed over the file to the PMO with suggestions after the study. Online presentation of this project was given in the Prime Minister’s Office. Neo metro operations were first discussed in Nashik including Dehradun here. In the project presentation, the emphasis was on making the technology of Neo Metro extremely convenient for passengers. The PMO asked the Neo projects of Nashik and other cities to submit the report. It was decided that Neo Metro Project will be set up in other cities on the basis of compile project. It will be a completely Make in India and Convertible Metro Project. UKMRC made a proposal and submitted it to the state government to operate Neo Metro Rail Project in Dehradun. The state government sent this project of about Rs 1600 crore to the central government for approval. The proposal was pending in the Union Ministry of Urban Development.

DPR was already made of Dehradun project

The team of technical experts by the central government was doing research to improve the proposal sent from Dehradun. After the study, the research team submitted its report to the central government. Along with this, online presentation of Neo Metro Rail Project was given in PMO. The project to run Neo Metro in Nashik was prepared before Dehradun, the DPR there was already formed before the Dehradun project. Therefore, Nashik officials took over the presentation in the PMO.

During the presentation, there was a serious discussion about the Neo Metro in Dehradun including Nashik. It was clarified by the PMO that the Neo metro project running in Dehradun including Nashik would be the same. It is being told that if there is no other questioning from the PMO, the DPR will be presented before the Union Cabinet for approval. After this, the tenders will be released and further work will start as soon as the tender process is completed.

MDDA will give land near ISBT

The Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) ISBT will give its 14645.48 square meters of land for the Neo Metro Project. It has agreed. According to MDDA Superintending Engineer Harishchandra Singh, its proposal is ready. After passing the resolution, a consent letter has been sent to Additional Chief Secretary Urban Development. Uttarakhand Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (UKMRC) has already been informed about this.

This will be the route

Two routes have also been agreed for the Neo metro project. The first route will be the clock tower from ISBT. This route will be eight and a half km long. The second route will be from FRI to Raipur. This route will be 13.9 km long and will have 15 stations.

Know Neo Metro

Neo is a metro rail guided system. It consists of electric coaches with rubber tires. These coaches are made of steel or aluminum. It will be able to run up to 20 km even if electricity goes. It will have an automatic train protection system, so that speed will be under control. The width of the track will be eight meters and the speed will be 70 km per hour. 90 to 225 people will be able to travel in its coach. The track of Neo Metro in Dehradun will be fully elevated.

Projects of Nashik and Dehradun have been sent simultaneously to the central government for approval. The PMO saw the online presentation shared to study Neo Metro technology and upgrade it. In this, some suggestions have also been given by the PMO. Changes will be included in the project and shared shared. You will get good news soon.

– Jitendra Tyagi, Managing Director, Uttarakhand Metro Rail Corporation Limited