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The third supplementary budget of Jharkhand passed by sound vote, Deepika Pandey told the budget, welfare and Jharkhandi interest

On the fourth day of the budget session in the Jharkhand Assembly, the third supplement of 4546.27 crore has been passed by the sound vote. After the debate on the deduction proposal of BJP MLA Amar Bawri, Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon gave the reason for presenting the supplementary budget. The Finance Minister thanked Amar Bawri, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Bhanu Pratap Shahi, Deepika Pandey Singh, Pradeep Yadav, Vinod Singh and Vaidyanath Ram, who participated in the discussion and said that bringing supplementary budget is part of the constitutional system. The Finance Minister said that many times it becomes mandatory for some schemes. Therefore, supplement has to be brought. He said that the permission of the House has to be obtained to spend money or raise revenue. Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon said that it is being repeatedly said by the opposition that his government has not spent the amount of the original budget, while the truth is that 68.73 of the total amount of the budget till March 2 in the current financial year till March 2 in the current financial year % Has been spent. Last year, only 51 to 52% amount was spent.

The Finance Minister said that at first the governments used to pant to spend the budget amount. The Finance Minister said that so much amount has been spent due to mid -term revision. He said that our government is insisting on increasing the resource, so that the expenditure can be increased. During the discussion, the proverb and proverb also went on. The Finance Minister pointed to BJP MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi and said that 100 years stood, 100 years were not rotten. In response, Bhanu Pratap Shahi said that the buffalo was stuck in front of the buffalo.

Public welfare and Jharkhandi interest is the budget: Deepika

Congress MLA Deepika Pandey Singh said that the budget presented by the Finance Minister is the budget to welfare and Jharkhandi interest. The Finance Minister has taken care of every field in the budget. A provision of 50 to 60 percent more amount in the budget for youth, women has been made in this budget. Said that rural development, agriculture, industry, energy is in the priority of the government. Therefore, a provision of more amount has been made in the budget of all these departments than the previous year. He said that the present government has focused on fulfilling the sentiments of the people of Jharkhand, which is why the government has made a special amount in the Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and Minority Welfare item. People get employment, so the amount of scheme item has been increased by about 30 percent. In a sentence, this budget is the budget taking forward to the people of Jharkhand and Jharkhand.