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Uttarakhand: Congress is in furore due to the implementation of the country’s most rigorous opponent law, recruitment exams are transparent, Congress’s false allegations – Virendra Bisht

The BJP, describing the allegations made by the Public Service Commission on the Junior Assistant Recruitment Examination, as a bundle of lies, said that now it has to resort to healthy traditions and propaganda instead of facts for politics. Virendra Singh Bisht, the party’s spokesperson Virendra Singh Bisht, termed the unrestrained statements being given across the state as “lies” and said that the Congress has avoided every better initiative. The Congress is now shocked after transparent examination and duplication law. Politics and questioning on the issue of competitive examinations is like a fight to save existence for him. Bisht said that the Public Service Commission has also cleared the picture regarding the examination. He said that the number of questions in the set of question paper was not different and the same was uniform. The number of questions also being the same, there was no effect on the examination of the examination. When there is no difference between the series of the question paper and the number of questions, it is clear that the Congress wants to keep this issue alive through propaganda by giving political attention. At the same time, breaking the morale of the youth is also on his agenda. The Commission has done better work by completing transparent examination, while the Congress is not able to digest the examination without copying.

He said that for many years the Congress was robbing the rights of the youth through copying examination and back door recruitment. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami showed moral courage without seeing a call section, not only examined the recruitments in the past and sent the mafia behind bars, but also broke the backbone of the cheating mafia by making rigid copy laws. The Congress has forgotten its old acts instead of regretting its actions and is now preaching, which the public has already rejected.

The Congress should also do a Satyagraha for a state like Rajasthan, so that the high command’s eyesight and the government involved in copying can be curbed there.

Bisht said that law and order in the state is better and the policy of zero tolerance is implemented. The government does not protect criminals as before, but take strict action against them. The Congress needs to observe its past.