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Uttarakhand: You did not buy color for Holi from Bachat Super Store in the savings of savings? Holi color was being sold in pesticides bottles, administration raids

You may find it strange to hear, but it is a reality that color is being sold in the empty bottles of pesticides in Dehradun, which has been complained to the DM. Let us tell you that the whole matter is of Dehradun capital where a senior journalist bought the colors of Holi with spray for children from the shop, but when he reached his house with color and the children torn the spray wrapper, the child’s eyes were torn because The bottle on which the bottle of Boss Spray was installed in the company had a pesticide bottle, when the child told this to his father, the ground slipped under his father’s feet, the journalist complained to Dehradun DM.

The question arises that how many bottles of rapper with Boss Spray Company have been sold in the capital Dehradun and who has bought it and where this company has supplied its supply, is the goods supplied only in Dehradun, Uttarakhand itself. Is or has also been sold outside the state. If you live in Dehradun and you have also bought a spray, then check it, it should not happen that the color filled in the bottle of insectation should be poisonous? And harm you or your child. At present, the whole matter has been put in the cognizance of DM and investigation is being done. It will be known only after investigation whether there is color in the bottle or pesticide? And if there is color, the bottle was washed before filling the color or not? If the bottle is washed then how safe is this filled substance? And if not washed, then where was the goods of Boss Spray Company supplied? And how will the administration campaign to avoid this.

Let us tell you that the journalist bought this spray from the Bachat Super Store of Bishan Tower located on Canal Road and its bill is available to the journalist. But the question arises that how many people must have bought these sprays from there and whether it is safe. At present, the administration has raided the Bachat Super Store on the instructions of DM and the investigation is going on.