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Face-to-face war in Russia-Ukraine started in Bakhmut, all roads of Ukrainian soldiers closed; Wagner Chief gave this warning

The Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on for a year, has now come to a turning point in Bakhmut. Here the soldiers of both the countries are now fighting a face-to-face battle. Ukrainian soldiers had to retreat due to such a close fight. In such a situation, the Russian Wagner army of mercenaries has started to overshadow Ukraine. Thousands of Ukrainians are trapped in towns and villages in the battle for Bakhmut, with the Ukrainian military fighting hard to rescue them. Russian flamethrowers and volley bombs bring Wagner’s troops close to capturing Bakhmut. Russia had been eyeing Bakhmut for a long time. If Russia succeeds in occupying here, then Putin’s strategy will be successful, in which he has captured Donbass, the main industrial city of Ukraine. But meanwhile, Wagner Chief has created a stir by giving a big warning to Russia.

Wagner Chief has said that our troops are now consolidating their hold on the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, but they are being denied ammunition. During this, if because of this they are forced to retreat, then the entire front will collapse. The chance to capture Bakhmut will be lost. The Wagner chief has also sternly warned of frontline collapse if Bakhmut is forced to retreat. Here, a very fierce war is going on between Ukraine and Russia. The Ukrainian army is fighting hard to evacuate Bakhmut residents, as fighting has become very close. The deputy mayor of the city of Bakhmut said that there are 4 to 5 thousand citizens left in this city. Earlier, about 600 people were being successfully evacuated from here daily, but now only 5 to 10 citizens are able to escape from Bakhmut every day as compared to that.

Blocked Ukrainian soldiers helping people in Bakhmut
Bakhmut is completely surrounded due to the fierce offensive of the Russian troops. Russia is forcing the Ukrainian army to retreat and flee the city. The condition is that now Russia has almost closed all the way for Ukrainian soldiers to enter Bakhmut. Ukrainian troops are being prevented from reaching residents of Bakhmut. Ukrainian army officer Alexander Marchenko reported that “the enemy is attacking the city in every possible way. There is no way for us to get there.” There is hardly any house left in Bakhmut which has not been damaged by the enemies. Link routes have also been broken. In such a situation, the enemy has reached close to occupation.

Think tank also accepted Russian army’s advantage in Bakhmut
The Institute for the Study of War think tank said on Sunday that Russian forces appeared to have achieved “substantial positional advantages” in parts of Bakhmut but would not be able to encircle the city anytime soon. Although the think tank has admitted that the Russian army has achieved a ‘positional advantage’ in Bakhmut, but has not yet won. Earlier the ISW said that Ukrainian forces were likely to set out to make a “controlled combat withdrawal”, but that they have not yet been forced.