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Bihar / Patna: Don’t want stepmother, daughter appealed to police, father refused to marry

A unique case was seen in Shivar of Bihar. Actually, the father was doing a second marriage for his 10-year-old daughter, so that she would not feel the lack of a mother in her life. Many times the daughter forbade the father for second marriage, but the father did not agree. The 10-year-old girl appealed to the police, without delay, the police immediately took action on the daughter’s complaint and got the father’s marriage stopped.

Girl stopped father’s marriage

In Sheohar, a 10-year-old girl got her father’s marriage stopped. People living in the neighborhood told that the name of the young man is Manoj Kumar Rai, his wife had died two years ago due to some illness. He has one son and four daughters. The age of the first daughter is ten years. Despite having five children, the young man was getting married for the second time. The daughter first forbade the father to marry. When the young man did not agree, the daughter went to the police and lodged her complaint. Without delay, the police met the young man and explained to him that he should not get married.

Daughter appealed to the police

When the 10-year-old daughter got information that her father Manoj Kumar was going to marry a woman in the temple, the daughter delayed her father and reached the police and started demanding justice. The daughter told the police that if the father gets married then who will take care of us five sisters and brothers. None of our step mothers will be able to take care of us. Taking cognizance of the daughter’s complaint, the police took immediate action and got the marriage stopped.

Father refused for second marriage

In fact, station in-charge Suraj Kumar Gupta told that when the girl came to the police station and gave all the information about the incident, without delay, the police team gathered to help the girl. The police explained to father Manoj Kumar and talked to him. Here, Manoj Kumar accepted the police and refused to marry. He also assured the police that he would also take good care of his children.