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Passenger started opening emergency gate, also attacked flight attendant

During a United Airlines flight, a passenger tried to open the emergency exit door and attacked a flight attendant. The accused passenger has been arrested. Francisco Severo Torres, 33, was arrested Sunday after the plane landed at Boston Logan International Airport after taking off from Los Angeles, the Massachusetts US Attorney’s Office said. The accused has been arrested on the charge of attempt to assault with a dangerous weapon on the flight crew members and attendants.

According to prosecutors, about 45 minutes before landing in Boston, the plane’s flight crew noticed a passenger open the emergency exit door. The flight attendant stopped accused Torres from doing so and informed the captain. During this, Torres allegedly attacked a flight attendant with a broken spoon, “striking the flight attendant three times in the neck.”

After this the passengers caught Torres and he was stopped. There is no report of anyone being seriously injured. On this matter, a statement was issued by the airline saying that there is no place for any kind of violence in our flights. Pending investigation, the accused will be banned from flying on United. If convicted, Torres could be sentenced to life in prison.