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Paves the way for Imran Khan’s arrest, Islamabad court refuses to cancel arrest warrant, escaped from police yesterday

The Islamabad court has refused to quash the arrest warrant issued against former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in the Toshakhana case. This has now cleared the way for his arrest.

The Islamabad court itself had issued an arrest warrant against him for not appearing in the court last week. After which, yesterday i.e. on Sunday, the police reached him at Zaman Park in Lahore to arrest him. However, at that time the police could not catch Imran due to his disappearance and returned empty-handed.

Khan had said – I was afraid of murder

Earlier, Khan had said that he was afraid of killing himself. Media reports quoting Pakistani website Express Tribune said that Imran has written a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan for his safety. In this, Imran has requested to make adequate security arrangements during his appearance in the court.

Pakistani news website Express Tribune informed that Imran said in a letter to the CJI – I want to draw your attention to a very serious issue. Many FIRs have been filed against me. I am getting threats. Now I am afraid that I may be tried for murder.

Attacked the government after escaping arrest

When the police returned after several hours on Sunday, Imran came out. Khan made fierce verbal attacks on the government, police, army and ISI. However, Pakistani media reports are telling that Imran cannot escape arrest. Special commando force is ready to arrest him.

What is imran doing

To avoid arrest, Imran Khan has gathered his supporters outside his house Zaman Park in Lahore. Four roads lead to Zaman and his supporters with sticks and rods are present on all four. Women are also included in these. Food and water are being provided to these people there.

Imran had started the Jail Bharo movement recently. Many leaders of his party are in jail. The special thing is that Imran himself is avoiding going to jail. He has started all kinds of preparations for this.

Preparation of government and police

  • According to a report in ‘Geo News’- only 10 people of Islamabad police reached Khan’s house on Sunday afternoon. Their aim was not to arrest Imran at all. These people had only gone to see how many supporters of Khan were there and what kind of weapons they had.
  • According to the report – a special commando team of Rangers and police will conduct an operation at any time and Khan will be arrested in it. There are also women policemen in this team. The police suspect that Imran may use women and children as shields to avoid being caught.
  • All the four roads leading to Zaman Park are being monitored with cameras. If Imran tries to escape from there, he will be arrested on the way. If they get caught, first of all they will be given medical treatment in a big government hospital. After this the agency will interrogate them. Later he will be produced in the Islamabad court.

What happened on sunday

  • Police on Sunday reached the house of former Prime Minister Imran Khan to arrest him in the Toshakhana case. Islamabad Police tweeted that when the SP reached his room, Imran was not present there.
  • Few hours later, Imran Khan addressed the supporters in Lahore. Said- Pakistan has never been so humiliated, our crime minister (Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif) is roaming around begging. My supporters are Tigers. I have never bowed before anyone, we are the only people who bow before Allah. Shahbaz was about to be punished for 16 billion scam. General Bajwa made him the Prime Minister. Home minister has committed 8 murders and he is a big thief.
  • He said- Nawaz Sharif is taking decisions from London. These people decide our fate. Indian channels are making fun of us. During his speech, Imran also advised people to go on Jihad. He said that some ISI officers have become devils. These people say that they will protect me, I say that they want to kill me.

Police came only to give notice to Imran

The police who went to arrest Imran had said that arresting him was not the motive behind reaching his house. If this was to be done then no force could stop it. We did not meet Imran at all. We have given notice on Imran’s behalf to former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to appear in the court on March 7. The Islamabad Police had also tweeted that Imran was trying hard to evade arrest.

Big question: Will Imran Khan be arrested?

Imran Khan may have escaped arrest on Sunday, but he himself increased his difficulties. In fact, when the Islamabad police reached to arrest him, he mobilized thousands of supporters on all the three roads of the house. After this, when SP Tariq Bashir entered Khan’s house with notice, he was told that Khan was not present in the house.

When the police returned, Imran came outside the house and addressed the supporters. Imran called the Prime Minister a crime minister. All other leaders were called thieves, dacoits, robbers and hooligans. Gave a direct challenge to the army and ISI. Now the court will tighten more screws on them. Two cases arise.

First- Interfering in the work of the police by inciting supporters.
Second- To lie that I was not at home.

Khan is saying that he will present himself before the court on March 7, but the court wants him to be arrested. So, it is quite possible that he might be picked up late at night or early in the morning on any given day. This is what Pakistani media is claiming.