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Uttarakhand / Dehradun: Police lobbied the district administration that liquor vends should not be given license on the main road and intersections… 11 vends are obstructing traffic

11 liquor vends in the city are obstructing the traffic. The police have urged the district administration not to give license to liquor vends on main roads and intersections. Citing the problem of jam due to parking of vehicles outside such contracts, it has been suggested to take care of it in license renewal. SP Traffic Akshay Konde told through letter that liquor vends are open on the side of busy roads in the city. In many places the width of the roads is less and there is pressure of vehicles.

Often a large number of customers reach these contracts after noon. Vehicles are parked here and there encircling the road, which leads to jam. The public has to face difficulties due to traffic disruption. Where the width of the roads is less, the problem is increasing there. SP Traffic said, 11 such contracts have been identified where the situation of bottleneck is being created. It was suggested in the letter that before giving license to liquor contracts, the rule of NOC should also be implemented from the traffic police.