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Uttarakhand / Haldwani: Banshidhar Bhagat accused the Congress, said – Dhami is working for the better future of the youth, Congress standing with the imitators

Former BJP state president and Kaladhungi MLA Banshidhar Bhagat strongly attacked the Congress and said, the way the Congress is creating an atmosphere of confusion regarding the cheating law and recruitment examinations, it is clear that the Congress is standing with the copycats. Bhagat said that the local leaders of the Congress are engaged in a campaign to defame the country by going abroad with a confused toolkit to destroy the constitutional institutions of the state under an agenda. The former BJP president said that the Dhami government is taking historic steps to continuously make the recruitment process more transparent and error-free for the better future of the youth. But the Congress is irresponsibly engaged in spreading confusion and lies regarding the investigation of irregularities and the credibility of the examination process. He said that Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is engaged in making Uttarakhand’s recruitment examinations cheating-free by bringing the country’s most stringent cheating law.

Instead of welcoming the better efforts of the government, the Congress is continuously tricking the youth regarding the examination procedures and cheating law. Although it is also natural because the Congress has established a system of cheating in the recruitment agencies during its governments, which Chief Minister Dhami is now trying to root out. He said that Chief Minister Dhami is determined to ensure that no injustice is done to the youth and to conduct competitive examinations in a transparent manner in the state.

Where the Dhami government has opened the box of government jobs for the unemployed, it has decided to conduct all the recruitment examinations held in the past under the chairmanship of the sitting judge of the High Court. This is the reason why the Congress is opposing all the reforms under the conspiracy by ignoring the trust of the youth and the satisfaction of the public. Bhagat said that the Congress, which attacks the morale of the youth by opposing the anti-copying law, cannot be well-wisher of the youth, because its double standards have come to the fore in this. On one hand, it is demanding an inquiry into all the cases and on the other hand, it is standing with those who get jobs through cheating or other illegal means. Congress neither has the trust of the youth nor the public, and in this upheaval, it is engaged in counter-allegations against the government and the investigating agencies, which is unfortunate for the responsible opposition.