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Has the dog run behind your car, bit the tyre? Know the reason and method of prevention!

If you walk by bike, car or any other vehicle, then many times you must have seen that on seeing your vehicle, dogs start barking and running behind the vehicle. While running them, you overtake by increasing the speed of your car, but the dog still follows you. This happens often and the same question arises in the minds of the people that what is the enmity with the dog cart. A similar question must have come in your mind many times. Although hardly anyone has given the answer to this, but today we will tell you the reason behind why dogs bark after seeing a vehicle. What happens in the car that on seeing it the dogs consider it as their enemy and pounce on it.

Follows the smell of tires

According to dog experts, dogs do not run behind any vehicle because of you. Actually, they run around the tire of the car, on which some dog has left its smell. Actually, they consider other dogs as their enemies and when they smell some other dog from the tire of your car, they run barking after it. Because dogs have a very strong sense of smell, they can smell the odor present on the tyre. Now the question is, what is the smell of? You must have noticed that dogs sometimes urinate on the tires of your car. In such a situation, the smell of urine forces other dogs to run behind the car.

Dogs don’t chase tires that don’t smell

It is also worth noting here that if the dog has not urinated on the tire of your car and there is no smell, then other dogs will not run behind the car. Actually, dogs have territory. When a new dog comes in a certain area, the dogs there chase it away. In such a situation, when the car comes and it smells of dog, then the dogs living there think that a new dog is coming in their area.

What should you do in this situation

If something like this happens to you and dogs bark at your car, then you should not panic and increase your speed. If you run away, the suspicion of the dogs will increase and they will follow you further. You stop your car and let the dogs see properly that no new dog has come in their area. When they realize that there is no other dog, they will automatically become silent.