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Uttar Pradesh / Fatehpur: During the marriage, the lover absconded with the bride sitting in the mandap! Relatives caught…but even in front of the police the bride insisted

During the mass wedding program in UP’s Fatehpur district, the lover eloped with the bride sitting in the mandap. But the relatives present ran and caught the loving couples and handed them over to the police. The bride who reached the police station did not agree after persuasion by the relatives and remained adamant on marrying her lover. After which the police after persuasion handed over the bride to her family members and currently the lover is in police custody. A mass wedding program was organized on Monday in Airayan block premises of Khaga tehsil area of Fatehpur district. In this marriage ceremony, a total of 124 couples took seven rounds and in the meantime, the bride sitting in the mandap for marriage escaped with her lover. However, the relatives present on the spot immediately caught the couple and handed them over to the police.

Let us tell you that the Chief Minister’s mass wedding program was organized in all the three tehsils of the district. A total of 676 couples were tied in an unbreakable bond at the ceremony, which were sent off with gifts by the people’s representatives with musical instruments. Her father had also registered for the marriage of a girl living in a village in Hathgam block of the district. Both the bride and groom were from the district, so they reached the venue. Before the wedding rituals started, the bride called the lover and reached the spot and the lover started running away from the mandap with the bride, only then the relatives caught both of them and handed them over to the police.

The bride, who reached the police station, filed a statement before the police that she is an adult and has the legal right to choose her life partner on her own free will. She will marry only with her lover. However, while recording the statement of the girl, the police handed her over to the relatives after persuasion and the lover is currently in police custody.