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Uttar Pradesh / Baghpat: Thief entered the house after drinking alcohol, neighbors called the police, created noise

In Nangla village of Chhaprauli police station area in Baghpat district, a youth climbed over the wall and entered the house to commit theft. Instead of stealing, he got so intoxicated by drinking the liquor kept there that he lay down there. When the young man started coming out after the intoxication subsided, people called the police and got him arrested. Police has registered a case against the accused.

Family members went out

Inspector Chhaprauli Ravi Ratan Singh said that Priyank, a resident of Sinauli village, jumped into a house in Nangla village on Sunday night by scaling a wall. The family members had gone out. When Priyank broke the lock of the safe, he saw a bottle of liquor in it. After this he drank alcohol. He got so drunk that he lay down there.

When the intoxication subsided, the police caught

When his intoxication subsided on Monday afternoon, he jumped over the wall and started coming out of the house. Neighbors saw him, whose information was given to the police. After reaching the spot, the police caught the accused and brought him to the police station for questioning, he gave all this information, after which a case has been registered against the accused.