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Uttar Pradesh / Varanasi: Made a seal from the visitors by carving potatoes in the jail! Prisoner absconding with hand in hand…spent night on tree

Incidents of prisoners escaping from jail keep coming to the fore. How did you run? Often the same fact in response – escaping from the eyes of the security personnel. By dodging with excuses, by jumping over a wall or by making a tunnel. Prisoner Raju Singh, who escaped from the district jail of Varanasi, did not turn out like that at all. He didn’t jump over the wall to run away on Saturday. Didn’t even resort to tunnel or dent. Neither making excuses, nor trying to escape from sight. Got out in front of the security personnel. Showed the visitor’s seal in his hand and comfortably went out of the main door. Later, when the jail administration found him missing, there was panic.

Potato seal

After being caught on Monday, the officers were shocked after listening to what the detainee told in the interrogation. Raju made a seal by scraping potatoes. The skill in preparing a copy of the seal was such that even the security personnel were defeated. Rape accused prisoner Raju Singh alias Raju Bengali was arrested by the Special Task Force on Monday morning.

Copy of seal on paper

Mobile phone found nearby. He told that he used to watch carefully every day what kind of seal was put on the hands of the visitors while coming to the jail. The seal used to change according to the day. He would copy the seal on paper and engrave its shape on the potato.

Threatened the victim by calling

The shape of the seal to be used on Saturday had already been prepared. Put a seal on his hand by applying ink and escaped from jail by showing it to the sentry among other visitors. After this took the old mobile phone from his friend and got it recharged. Kept threatening the victim by calling.

Nights spent on the tree

According to Raju, the night of Saturday and Sunday was cut on the tree. The police would return after reaching the location of the mobile phone. He was trying to escape from Mughalsarai to Kolkata on Monday.