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Uttarakhand: The government engaged in the preparation of the budget, the opposition gathered to surround the government

After the Holi Milan program in Uttarakhand, the Dhami government has started preparing for the state budget. The assembly budget session has been convened from March 13 in the assembly building located at Bharadisain in Gairsain. The Dhami government will present the budget on March 15. Mainly, this budget is considered very important in view of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024. Apart from this, the state government can emphasize on infrastructure development, industrial development, agriculture as well as tourism. The government claims that this budget is employment-oriented and a glimpse of the Center will also be seen in this budget.

The Dhami government is going to present the state budget before the next year’s Lok Sabha elections. The Dhami government’s budget will especially focus on employment. Along with this, more emphasis will be given by the government on infrastructure development, tourism, industrial development, agriculture and horticulture. CM Dhami said that the government’s budget will be employment-oriented. Along with this, a glimpse of the center will be seen in the state budget. At the same time, it is believed that the budget of Dhami government will decide the direction of strong Uttarakhand 2025. The Dhami government claims that the government is preparing the budget on the suggestion of the public. Every class will be benefited from this budget.

On one hand, where the state government is busy preparing to make the budget session historic, on the other hand, the opposition is preparing a strategy to encircle the ruling party from the road to the house. The Congress says that it has many arrows in its quiver. The government will be besieged inside and outside the House on issues including unemployment, inflation, bad law and order, Adani’s case. Congress alleges that the government has kept the duration of the session very short to avoid the questions of the opposition.

Overall, in the election year, politics has started once again in Uttarakhand on the budget session. On one hand, where the opposition is attacking the government, on the other hand, the government wants to make the budget historic. The question is that when the government is preparing the budget according to the public along with holding the session in Gairsain, then why is the opposition questioning the intention of the government? Will the Dhami government be able to stop the water and youth of the mountain from the budget session being held in Gairsain? Or will it remain just a populist budget in view of the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections?