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US passenger smokes cigarette in Air India flight, Tried to open plane door, crew members made him sit hand and foot

A passenger was caught smoking a cigarette in an Air India flight. The incident is of March 11. According to the police, an American passenger was smoking a cigarette in the toilet on a flight coming from London to Mumbai.

When the crew members stopped him, he started shouting at them. Also tried to open the flight door. After this, the crew members tied his hands and feet and made him sit.

Indo-American is the accused, can be arrested
The police were informed about the incident after the flight landed in Mumbai. Police registered a case against 37-year-old Ramakant. An officer said – The passenger is of Indian origin, but he has American citizenship. According to the rules, the person smoking in the plane can be arrested. At present, a case has been registered against Ramakant.

Crew members had arrived when the fire alarm sounded
A crew member said – smoking is not allowed in the flight. Despite this, a passenger went to the toilet and started smoking there. As soon as we heard the sound of the fire alarm, we immediately reached near the toilet. We saw a cigarette in Ramakant’s hand. After that he started shouting at us. We asked him to go back to the seat and sit. He did not agree, he also argued with the passengers present in the flight.

Crew member said- Ramakant tried to open the door of the flight as well. We tied his hands and feet and made him sit on the seat. After this he started banging his head. The passenger on the flight was a doctor by profession, we took his help. He checked Ramakant. After this Ramakant said that he had some medicines. On checking his bag, we found e-cigarettes and not medicines.

Was intoxicated or not, it will be known in the medical examination
Police said that the medical examination of the passenger will be done. An official said- At present the samples of the passenger have been sent for medical test. This will give an idea of his mental condition. Along with this, it can also be ascertained whether he had taken any kind of intoxication or not.

Girl was smoking in indigo flight
This is not the first case when a passenger has been caught smoking. Earlier on March 5, a 24-year-old girl was caught in an Indigo flight. A girl was smoking a cigarette in the toilet on a Kolkata-Bengaluru flight. Similarly, on March 4, a person named Anil Meena was caught smoking in the Kolkata-Delhi flight of Air India.

Passenger misbehavior cases on the rise
Passenger misbehavior cases are on the rise in national-international flights. There have been cases of people urinating on co-passengers. There have also been reports of passengers getting drunk. In such a situation, many questions are being raised on the airport authorities.

Actually, after entering the airport, the first passenger’s baggage is scanned. After that the body is searched in the security hold area. Hand baggage is also screened. Despite this, the presence of cigarettes and alcohol inside the flight with its passengers raised questions.