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Uttar Pradesh / Varanasi: The bride was forced to sit on the threshold of her in-laws house! Mother-in-law and sister-in-law are not allowing to enter the house without dowry

In Ghazipur’s Khuntahan village, a married woman sat on a dharna in front of her own house. She accused the in-laws of torturing her for dowry and not allowing her to enter the house. He said that other people including mother-in-law, sister-in-law are not allowing him to enter the house. They have locked the lock from inside. A panchayat was to be held on Saturday regarding this. When the people of the in-laws’ side did not reach the panchayat, the married woman reached her in-laws’ house and sat at the door itself. Even then the door did not open, Brijesh Chauhan, the brother of the married woman, called 112 number and called the police for help. When there was no satisfactory action from the PRB that reached the spot, then a complaint was also given in Dullahpur police station. The married woman was sitting on dharna till late Saturday night.

In this regard, Dullahpur Police Station President Praveen Yadav said that two months ago, a case of dowry and harassment was registered against the bride’s Tahrir in Dullahpur police station, which is pending in the court.