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Uttarakhand / Chamoli: Bear reached Badrinath Dham in search of food, caused damage to many houses, created ruckus!

In winter, the doors of Badrinath Dham remain closed, the empty houses are covered with snow, people leave Badrinath and come to the lower places in winter. This time in winter, especially in the month of February, the bear created a lot of terror in the Dham. In search of food amidst the snow, the bear has caused damage by breaking the doors of many houses and dharamshalas. After the information, the building owners complained to the district administration that due to the closure of the work of the master plan in February, apart from the ITBP and temple committee employees posted on security in Badrinath Dham, there were only a few saints doing penance in the ashrams. During this, a herd of bears created a ruckus in Badrinath.

The bear damaged the things kept inside the house

Barfani Baba, who was doing penance in Badrinath Dham, informed the building owners about this. Building owner Mukesh Alkhania told that Barfani Baba told him that the bear had damaged the goods kept inside the house by breaking the doors of their houses in Indra Bhawan Alkhania locality. The owner of the building informed about this to the administration and the forest department and demanded to get rid of the menace of the bear. In the villages of Mana, Niti Valley including Badrinath Dham, there has been terror of bears in winters. Bears have been entering people’s houses by tearing the roof or breaking the doors, and they have also been eating the food items kept inside the house.