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Uttarakhand: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami reached Bharadisain, session in Gairsain from tomorrow, if necessary the duration of the budget session can be extended

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami reached Bharadisain in Gairsain on Sunday afternoon to participate in the assembly budget session starting from Monday, March 13. Here Mother Shakti welcomed and felicitated the Chief Minister. On the other hand, Vidhansabha Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan performed havan in Bharadisain Vidhansabha and wished for happiness and peace for the people of the state. Ritu Khanduri Bhushan said that he has full faith that the budget session will go on peacefully and smoothly, which will lead to the development of the state.

If necessary, the duration of the budget session can be extended

Finance and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Premchand Aggarwal said that the duration of the assembly session is decided according to the business. In Gairsain, for the budget session starting from March 13, it will be cemented in the period that has been decided so far. If necessary, the duration of the session can also be extended. He said this in response to a question raised by the opposition about reducing the duration of the session.

The interests of every class, every region will be taken care of in the budget

On the question asked about the budget for the year 2023-24, he said that we are talking about the all-round development of the state. The interests of every class, every region will be taken care of in the budget. All subjects including employment, women, youth, agriculture, tourism will be included in this. He said that the target of the government is to include Uttarakhand in the leading states of the country by the year 2025. We are moving forward in this direction. The government is trying to do better within the resources available with the state.

Public suggestions are also included in the budget

Finance Minister Aggarwal said that suggestions were taken from the people of the state regarding the state budget. A large number of suggestions were received by the government. Important suggestions of the public have been made a part of the budget.

Provision for G-20 programs as well

Cabinet Minister Agarwal said that Uttarakhand getting three programs of G-20 is a matter of pride for the state. With this, the people of the world will be able to get acquainted with the culture of the land of gods. When asked, he said that provisions are also being made in the budget for the programs of G-20.

Assembly Secretariat personnel camped in Gairsain

In the summer capital Gairsain, in view of the budget session of the Vidhan Sabha starting from March 13, the personnel of the Vidhansabha Secretariat have camped there. Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan also reached Gairsain on Saturday. He discussed with the officials regarding the preparations for the session. The Assembly Speaker has called an all-party meeting on Sunday at the Vidhansabha Bhawan in Bharadisain.

Apart from this, a meeting of the Business Advisory Committee will also be held, in which the agenda of the session will be decided. After this, the session could not be organized there due to Corona crisis, Chardham Yatra and other reasons.

The opposition had also made this issue an issue. However, the government had announced in the last session of the assembly held in Dehradun that the budget session would be held in Gairsain. The government has fixed the period from March 13 to 18 for this. After the date was fixed for the budget session, the assembly secretariat was busy preparing for the session in Gairsain.

In this episode, apart from repairing the sound system in the hall of the Vidhansabha, other arrangements were finalized. Meanwhile, Hem Pant, secretary in-charge of the Vidhansabha, along with other officers and employees also reached Gairsain on Saturday.

Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan reached Bharadisain on Saturday to take stock of the arrangements for the session. Also gave necessary instructions to the officers. The Speaker informed that the preparations for the session have been completed. He said that there will be a meeting of the Business Advisory Committee on Sunday afternoon in the Vidhansabha Bhavan complex located at Bharadisain. Along with this, an all-party meeting has also been called.